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    Join condition:
     1、Love agricultural industry, recognition of sanxin group company management idea, development goals, and corporate culture.
     2、Have a certain professional quality and management experience, have certain ability to resist risks.
     3、Have a suitable premises, and decoration according to the requirements of the company and configuration of equipment.
     4、Have appropriate startup capital: replenish onr's stock, organization expenses and league, etc.
     5、The applicant shall provide the sanxin group business license, tax registration certificate, sanitation license, certificate of house property or lease agreement and site photos and related information.

    Innovation advantage:
    ●  Policy support policy support, industry longitudinal, rich resources, meet the demand of the market, for the majority of investors to create exclusive green channel.
    ●  Resource advantage sanxin group is not only a big pool products, circulation platform, but also has a comprehensive platform for the agricultural industry resources, the company has experts, technology, capital, logistics, and network resources, such as industry chain can be complementary resources and support according to demand.
    ●  Multiple stereo marketing space, entity shop as the basis, to agriculture base and the other as the base, with online mall for the nets, full 3 d coverage. In time, comprehensive entity shop and network mall docking, realize the online and offline 24 hours a day, seven days of round-the-clock links. Online 3 d link, that is, to solve the limitation of the entity shop opening hours, and solve the distrust of online consumers to online shopping.
    ●  Media publicity advantage company maintain close cooperation with the main central mainstream media, will be from the Internet, print media, television media to promote their aspects of support, with highly targeted to establish brand awareness.
    ●  Major activities to support the company will pay close attention to and actively involved in all kinds of big events, activities, comprehensive and integrated brand, expand awareness, enhance reputation.


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